Multiplatform TV Project & Showreel

  • Richard Fernandes
  • Egas Turuca
  • semra bulut
3rd year of University project in my Multiplatform TV module, included creating a story using a mixture of different platforms ranging from web and social media, to promotional events and filmmaking. This was a group project, so we all contributed important elements which in the end, resulted in a 1st class grade.
The title we gave this story was called 'Engano', which is a story which tells a story about a teacher in a school with a shadowed past which she kept hidden for a long time before she started to looked suspicious, by obtaining a close relation to one of the students. As events unfolded, another teacher got suspicious of her actions and as a conclusion of the story, she gets caught and gets sent back to her original country - Spain.
This project gave me a large insight into using different platforms to tell a story. As a result I have learnt aspects of directing my team to video capture the events that unfold. In addition to directing, I also acted in a few scenes in Engano, as well as operating camera equipment and editing footage as part of the post production process. We, as a team organised a promotional event, giving out freebies and information about the story that we were portraying.
As a result, myself and a collegue dressed up in morph suits and approached fellow students and members of the public, giving out promotional badges and leaflets. The end of this project resulted in a large showcase presentation. We impressed, which meant that we earnt a group 1st class grade.


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