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Why not check out these two projects which I was pleased to be featured in @wearendpositive @the_dyslexic_movement in regards to the importance highlighted awareness
Month of #dyslexiaawarenessmonth #dyslexiaawarenessday #InvisibleDyslexia #nurodiversityawareness #nurodiversity #adhdawarenessmonth #adhd

Claude https://www.ndpositive.com/2021/10/15/aquayemi-claude-garnett-akinsanya-claude/

Link ~ https://www.instagram.com/p/CU70bbksa1o/?utm_medium=copy_link

I personal belief that the current system which is discriminating and excluding to a modern multicultural gifted and creative society. We are able to bring better solution for our society. We are the youth of today and tomorrow. To educate others, be part of decision making. However we would have to end the commodity society. When the illusion of commodity is a insulin model, which has never cared about the people. When we are able to have a open minded world with people like myself,  as we can bring one solution of many Ideas and understanding for an inclusive society. Because people in government are not qualified or do not have the cognitive understanding for people who are neurodiverse, as we have the ability to look at the world in a different creative minded way. For example, we are in the 21st century Britain, where we do not have a nurodiveres minster. Diversity and inclusion within our own cabinet, high earning jobs and in part of decision making is crucial. We have to listen and involved the voice of the public, youth and all. Society has a lot to learn, educate themselves about the real beautiful reflection of what our own society could possibly be like." ~ Aquayemi-Claude Garnett Akinsanya (Claude) #TheClaudesSENLaw

Please all also check out #TheClaudesSENLaw ~ (Link In Bio) for more information or even visit @a_claude_2020 @wearendpositive


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Stay updated with next post in regards to The Claudes SEN Law UK Petition and Campaign.

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