Nespresso Ispirazione

  • Nassib El Mourabet

This project happened in two stages, one for the purpose of making a film to be used in Nespresso stores across Italy showcasing their new limited edition Ispirazione range. The second phase was high res stills for print campaign. I just loved this artwork created by Superunion. I was tasked with taking the packaging and bringing it to life, in a side scrolling format where we went from one end of the artwork to the other, and then transition into the next video. Being hand drawn, I gave it a boiling pencil sketch effect in the movement, and cut out several elements and had them floating in 3D space. This coffee range is a limited series exclusive to Italy, and the film explains every stage of the coffee making process whereby each pack flavor also represents a single town or city where a part of the process is carried out (harvesting, roasting, packing, etc...) I created the 3D capsule packs and animated this piece for the ending of the Ispirazione film, which is showing in Nespresso stores across Italy. There is more animation work but it is yet to be released.