New BIMA initiative set to make inclusive digital design mainstream

The Black Lives Matter protests have thrust the issues of inclusivity and equality to the top of the global agenda. BIMA’s Inclusion & Diversity Council has been working to embed accountable inclusivity in the digital industry since its launch. Now, its new Inclusive Design initiative is working to “equip the digital industry with the awareness, passion and skills necessary to create truly inclusive experiences”.

The pandemic has left many feeling excluded and vulnerable. So it’s fitting that BIMA, the British Interactive Media Association, has chosen this moment to launch a new initiative which aims to make inclusive design mainstream.

Inclusive Design at BIMA is part of an expanded Inclusion and Diversity Council and Emma Goddard, Senior User Experience Designer with Deloitte Digital, has been announced as its Chair.
“We’re hugely excited to launch this initiative and it feels fitting to do so now,” Emma explained. “One of the silver linings of the current pandemic is that there’s more awareness than ever of just how critical inclusive design is to society and business.

“We want to make it the mainstream, and equip the digital industry with the awareness, passion and skills necessary to create truly inclusive experiences. Beyond allowing equal access to the digital world, inclusive design provides huge potential to drive innovation and socially positive ideas that improve experiences for everyone in society, not just the excluded.”

Emma knows that the BIMA membership, a 5,000-strong community of agencies, freelancers, brand and charities, is the ideal place to embed the principles of inclusivity – and to find new sources of expertise. “We’re looking forward to working with the incredible network of BIMA members to understand their challenges, ideas and the opportunities they see.

“We’re also open for applications, especially from members with experience designing for socio-economic exclusion. That’s a critical gap in the industry right now, and as the global Black Lives Matter protests are demonstrating, it’s one we need to address.”

“Our BIMA councils are a hugely important part of our work,” explained BIMA co-president Natalie Gross. “In a diverse industry, our councils ensure there’s a community for everyone. “Our Inclusion and Diversity Council is a vital cornerstone of that, and it’s right that inclusive design becomes a part of the council’s remit. I’m excited to see the difference we can make.”

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