New Hyp!

New Hyp! Is and independently run outlet I and five of my colleagues formed in response to a lack of artist we liked being brought to Birmingham. It's aim was to support budding artists with a showcase platform (stage) and to showcase a more worldly platform for artist which were then not being booked. Over the last 8 years we have been responsible with debut show for some of the most now influential faces in music today.
a roster of the monthly headliners we had in one year of New Hyp!
Flying Under the Branding of a Skate Theme Flamingo
still independantly touring as a soundsystem of 6 stage performers in amsterdam
Birmingham Debut Of Soulection
Supporting Sukh Knight at Outlook Festival Opening Party

Team Credits

Tanaka Saburi

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  • Store Manager / Music PR

Rajdeep Dogra

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  • Sound Engineer

Project Tags

  • Grime
  • Mellow Grime
  • Soul
  • Rap
  • Stage Design
  • event management
  • Brand Management