New one page website for performance coach

  • Ville Vatola

Anna organizes performance training for companies and individuals in Finland, in Finnish, Swedish and English. Some time ago, Anna also started making a podcast, which is suitably named Näkyväksi (Become visible) podcast. You can find the link to the pod on Anna's website or you can search for it on Apple/Google podcasts or Spotify/Anchor. The website is currently a so-called one-page implementation, where everything essential is gathered on one page. In single-page implementations, it is important to make the page clear and enable clear navigation within the page. A one-page website is often quite long to scroll especially on mobile devices, so the reader's interest is maintained with various interesting elements. The site has been designed from the beginning in such a way that it is possible to painlessly add sub-pages as needed in the future. Check out the new site at

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