New Perspectives – The Design Hotels™ Book (Edition 2020)

  • Daniel Hilz
  • Silvena Ivanova
  • Rémy Dautin
  • Suvi Haering
  • Brand Lab

The 2020 edition of The Design Hotels™ Book marks an innovative new editorial and artistic direction for the design anthology, created in collaboration with some of the world’s leading photographers. An evocative series of photo essays and reportage provides an individualized look at 25 new member hotels that are rewriting the narrative of modern hospitality.

320 × 220 mm / 432 pages

  • Creative director: Johannes Schwark
  • Art Director: Suvi Haering
  • Graphic Designers: Sara Aguirre, Inês Chambel, Rémy Dautin, Kornelia Konieczka, Linda Kunnath
  • Photographers: Nacho Alegre, AM Studio, Brechenmacher & Baumann, Björn Ceder, Jake Curtis, Adrian Gaut, Ana Hop, Robbie Lawrence, Robert Rieger, Danilo Scarpati, Sanda Vuckovic
  • Production & Distribution Manager: Stefanie Sandl
  • Post-production: Lennard Rühle
  • Prepress: Sabine Gierer

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