Next Day Delivery Video Ad

  • Alessio Paratore
  • Dominique Marshall
  • Gunars Vucens

A Facebook and Instagram based Advertisement entirely storyboarded, produced and shot by me XD

The project was developed to be delivered in landscape and portrait formats for different platforms. I developed the creative concept together with the digital design team and storyboarded different ideas.

After the initial storyboarding I produced the shot looking after the casting, prop buying, studio booking and crew selection.
Part of the project involved recreating the 'Pulp Fiction' gold light coming out of the box and the box itself. I went trough different experiments both to create the light and to make the box options. After few meetings with the creative team and our aquisition manager, we decided to use the current delivery box with a cutout hole covered with orange gel at the bottom.


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    Vision Direct