NFThon Kaunas 2022 – the first international in-person NFT hackathon in Baltics/EU

  • Gleb Divov

One of the most important CultureTech events of the Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022 program and the AUDRA modern city festival program

NFThon Kaunas (from the NFThon international series) is one of the regular CultureTech events in the Baltics and the EU, co-organized by the FAYR Ecosystem ( and the Ministry of Culture and Innovations of the Republic of Užupis, which draw people's attention to the potential of modern technologies and solutions (like NFT, Blockchain, Web3, Metaverse, AI, XR) in the fields of culture and sustainable development, involve them in the creative process and spawn a new wave of local and international digital artists, collectors and the surrounding community.

During the first in-person NFT hackathon in Baltics/EU that happened in the frame of Kaunas 2022: European Capital of Culture in Lithuania, in 3 days time, 20+ selected participants from Lithuania and Europe have created own unique NFT projects dedicated to the Hackathon's themes: Creativity, Sustainability, Technology.
The results of the NFThon Kaunas are presented at the dedicated physical month-long (July - August 2022) exhibition "NFThon: The Future" in the main event space of the biggest shopping center in Kaunas – Akropolis.

In addition, during the days of the hackathon, NFThon Kaunas invited renowned international OG cryptoartists and local experts to conduct open educational and onboarding lectures, covering various topics, including sustainable development, art + technology, blockchain + culture, creator economy in the NFT space, Metaverse and much more.


  • Reach a large in-person audience (including random out-of-target-group people who attend NFT exhibition, which will last one month, physically in the center of the exhibition space of Akropolis, the largest shopping center in Kaunas), and spark a proper interest in the art/culture, sustainability and a modern technological solutions, especially – green NFTs.
  • Introduce artists and audiences to new technologies.
  • Educate audiences on various important subjects, including sustainable development, DAO, Metaverse and others.
  • Onboard new artists with special educational activities.
  • Create a foundation for continued support for the sustainable development of artists.
  • Weave cross-cultural and cross-category links between artists, musicians, technology creators and general audiences.
  • Inspire a new generation of artists, especially young people.
  • Ensure inclusiveness and work with various non-primary social groups (including small and disabled).
  • Showcase local and international modern technologies and solutions.

Outcome and Continuity

According to the post-event feedback, we managed to make a positive impact on people attended the event and the opening of the post-event exhibition, change a perception of new technologies, give a deeper exoplanation of the sustainable development and its implementation in everyday life.
We gave a momentum to positive changes in awareness, consciousness and mindset, revealed a new opportunities for people in their lives and an overall improvement in the well-being of society.

We have set the goal of creating regular CultureTech events in the Baltics and EU, dedicated to the educational activities, knowledge sharing about bleeding edge technologies in the Art and Culture (AI, Blockchain/NFT, XR [VR, AR, MR] and more), popularization of the CryptoArt, digital and media art, web3, Metaverse, fusion of culture + technology and art + science, inspiring and enabling a new wave of local and international digital artists, collectors and the surrounding community.

And that's what we are doing.

The next NFThon event is scheduled for Autumn 2022 in Berlin, Germany.

Exhibition "NFThon: The Future"

Innovation has always been the driving force behind change in art and culture. We believe that it's important to endorse these changes.
Exhibition "NFThon: The Future" emphasizes the never-before-impossible fusion of culture, blockchain-based innovation and sustainability.

A month-long curated showcase (July - August 2022) in the main hall of one of the largest malls in Lithuania – shopping center Akropolis Kaunas (approximately 40 000 - 45 000 daily visitors on a regular day), combined with 8,5-meters-tall artsy, minimalistic bionic-like metal structures, Lithuania-created NFT innovations and contribution of international participants, attracting and inspiring a new generation of artists, thinkers and responsible citizens.

We educate thousands of daily visitors and promoting a fusion of Blockchain, NFT and other modern technologies, creativity and sustainability on a big scale.

Winning teams (and their representatives at the award ceremony):

  • Team Forestverse
  • Team Avocado Toast
  • Team KaunARtic
The core team for this project is led by Gleb Divov – Cryptoart OG, NFT pioneer, innovator, visioner and founder of the leading private CultureTech ecosystem in Baltics/EU – FAYR Ecosystem, organizer and educator on blockchain, NFT, Metaverse in Baltics, Europe and overseas.

By joining forces with the Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022, European Commission, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Ministry of Culture and Innovations of the Republic of Užupis, national LRT television, youth organization "Kylantis Kaunas", innovative youth modern city festival "Audra", and other important organizations, team's activities already received a lot of interest, even from non-digital communities beyond art, culture and technology.

Highlights shortlist: previously organized events/activities by Gleb Divov and his team:
  • "TeleNFT" project – a sold-out NFT collection, now in the permanent collection of real-world European modern art museums, showcased in the physical NFT exhibition (Munich, Germany) and SAT.1 satellite teletext stream, 2022.
  • First NFT gallery in Bavaria, in collaboration with Munich City Municipality, Munich, DE, 2022.
  • First international Metaverse NFT/Music Festival #MVMF2021, FAYR Multiverse Stage, 2021.
  • "NFT Wall" technology + art showcase at the international art fair ArtVilnius ‘21, Vilnius, LT, 2021.
  • "Token of Gratitude" international NFT+AI+HCI charitable initiative, CA/EU/US, 2021.
  • "Multiverse Gallery Network" & world's first physical multiverse NFT gallery, Baltics/EU, 2020.
  • "Blockchain: new opportunities for Art and Culture", Pangram workshop, Kyiv, UA, 2020.
  • First public NFT Exhibition in Baltics/EU, in the Town Hall Square, Vilnius, LT, 2019.

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