Nicholas Lepinski - Top 10 Plumbing Tools You Should Have In Your Toolbox

  • Nicholas Lepinski

Every home has a network of plumbing and pipes essential to the everyday function of your home. When things go wrong you might reach for your own plumbing tools if you’re a bit handy around the home. Aside from the complicated plumbing problems that often demand high-level of expertise and specialised plumbing tools, some minor issues such as leaky pipes, blocked toilets, or clogged sinks usually occur frequently. And, the good news is that they can be rectified as a DIY task. However, to correct the problems successfully, you have to be prepared by having some essential tools at your disposal. With these tools you can: Change a leaking tap washer unblock a drain yourself Clear a blocked downpipe And other home maintenance jobs that’ll have you looking like a pro. So what plumbing tools do you need?

Plumbing Tools List

1. Basin Wrench
2. Adjustable Wrench
3. Pipe wrench
4. Tongue-and-groove Pliers
5. Hacksaw
6. Metal file
7. Thread Seal Tape
8. Hand Auger
9. Tubing Cutter
10. Toilet plungers (flange and cup)

Minor plumbing issues such as blocked drains and leaky pipes frequently occurs in most homes. However, by having a toolbox full of essential plumbing tools, you will be ready to handle any minor plumbing issues that arise unprecedentedly.

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