‘Nothing has changed...’

  • Sergi Coll Capitan

‘Nothing has changed...’ is a project about a protest against Spain and the situation that society is living in today. A protest against corruption, against politicians, and also against the country’s economy. The project is to support and push towards raising awareness. The audience outside of Spain does not understand key factors that are destroying the country and Spanish society. The project focused on two perspectives. Part one is key information and part two is society. Part one is responsible for informing the audience upon the key factors of the situation in Spain, as well as explaining briefly and succinctly how the government acts. Part two is closer to society and could be seen as the voice and the opinion of the people. It also focuses on organizations that are responsible for attempting to raise awareness of what the government hides. The project reflects a media and a newspaper. This is an accessible and direct way of giving information to a very large audience. The typographic representations play an important role in this project. The order of content and structure of the newspaper reflects the design layout and structure of the publication and emphasis is placed upon my response due to my country of origin. The project aims to highlight awareness to other countries and inform people through a message. Because together we are stronger.