Nu Garcon - So Sure

  • Tony Onuchukwu

0800-MOSHI-MOSHI presents So Sure, the new song from Nu Garcon: A nostalgia smudged video directed by Siam Coy and Jesse Crankston accompanies the track. Filmed amongst the hustle and bustle of Deptford Market, it deals with themes of inadequacy and the grass being greener - all seen through the eyes of Tony’s dog, Ling. Filmmaker Siam Coy says “the video pays homage to Franz Kafka’s ‘The Investigations of a Dog’ which I had read over quarantine. Filming the video from a dog’s POV, I wanted to explore Kafka’s somewhat nihilistic story in a fun and exuberant way, with a grungy nostalgia as the driving force.” Like the dog narrator in Kafka’s story – who struggles to make sense of the confusing world he inhabits, but still finds a voice to ask probing (and absurd) questions - So Sure is about reaching for certainty and self-knowledge but coming up short.