Ocksä's Interferência Collection

  • Miguel Soll

I was invited by Ocksa's owner and Creative Director, Igor Crivellaro, to photograph their campaign during his runway show at Casa de Criadores, in Sao Paulo. The name of the collection was "Interferência" {interference}, so the idea that we came up with was to shoot during the backstage, constructing body-sculptures by the interactions between photographer-model-space. My photographic process was on hand with the idea, as I usually work in a processual way, creating a perfomative space between the me and my subjects, letting the aesthetical space created from the moment of the picture to guide the reality we are constructing. I have also been part of a performance held at the runway show, made by Teto Preto's performers Laura Carneosso and Loic Koutana. Their musical and dance performance was followed by my constant flashes, as I followed their movements, in a some kind a dance to portray the hyper mediatised society we're into. The photographs made during the runway made in the campaign as well, putting a light on all the interferences that happens in the creative process, as well as in our Brazilian urban society. Models: ALEX JORDAN @ TIME MODELS ALINA DÖRZBACHER @ SQUAD AGENCY BARBARA SIGNOR @ ROCK MGT BEATRIZ MACHADO @ ELITE BRUNO CAERES @ SQUAD AGENCY DAYANE GOMES @ OXYGEN MODELS GIOVANA ALBANESE @ VZ MODELS HUDSON BURK IARA FERREIRA @ SQUAD AGENCY JEAN TORRES @ LUIZ FILHO MODELS JESUS LEITTE LAURA CARNEOSSO LINCON CATTO @ ROCK MGT LOÏC KOUTANA @ SQUAD AGENCY LISSA HAMADA @ ALLURE RAPHAEL LOBATO @ SQUAD AGENCY RAYANE ZENFE @ WAY MODEL VICTORIA ALCOFORADO @ ROCK MGT YOLLANDA MAAKEO @ ROCK MGT ZYOM Styling YUMI KURITA Hair and Make-up GUI CASAGRANDE Art Direction ROBERTA MARIA DE PADUA