Ode to Moss

  • Matthew Tyler-Howells

Dir.: Juliette Daum & Jojo Lavery 16' / 2023 / Ceredigion & Birmingham, UK / Fantasy/Comedy/Drama Short Film Created as part of FM34240 Fiction Film Production at Aberystwyth University.

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Oliver is a young actor eager to progress his career by landing a big role on the stage. Unfortunately, his audition doesn't go as planned. The director offers him some advice to broaden his horizons and advance his personal development. Going camping in February... in Wales. In the face of adversity, mainly freezing rain, he discovers something unexpected, his own power to create. He was a Poet, and he didn't even know it.
A SQBX Films, Oak Wren Productions, NAUTICAL GNOME MEDIA & Jozan Productions film.

Directors: Juliette Daum & Jojo Lavery
Writers: Juliette Daum & Jojo Lavery
Producer: Matthew Tyler-Howells
Cinematography: Solomon Todd (DoP)
Sound Design: Daniel Stace

A Cam: Solomon Todd
B Cam: Matthew Tyler-Howells
Camera Assistants: Jordan Lysander & Paulina Baran

Editors: Juliette Daum & Solomon Todd
Colourist: Paulina Baran
DIT: Matthew Tyler-Howells

Oliver: Jojo Lavery
Rita: Theresa Sharland
Gaia: Sharon Millar

Filmed on-location in Ceredigion, Wales and Birmingham, England.
With thanks to Aberystwyth University TFTS, Ceredigion Museum, Arad Goch Theatre, Hafod Trust, National Trust, & Film Birmingham.

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