• Thomas Hedger

Offblak is a brand for a new generation of tea drinkers. They accommodate a modern lifestyle in a delivered-to-your-door off the wall experience, embracing the best that social communities can achieve. The brand want you to drink tea like everybody’s watching. When I was approached by the design studio &Smith to design the bold graphics to decorate their packaging, the brand identity was clearly defined for ‘Gen Z’. The brief was to create something ‘beautiful, to have a point of view, to be indulgent and never passive, and happier on Instagram than in a cupboard’. It was important that these illustrations lived up to the vibrancy of the brand, and needed to be approachable, engaging and full of life. I had to be playful in ‘breaking the rules’ without being too immature to achieve images with a wide appeal, to a diverse, multi-generation and aspirational audience.

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