On The Inside

  • Becky Barriball

‘On The Inside’ was my final year performance project at The University of Leeds. The performance was in immersive experience, which encouraged both collaboration and interaction. My role within the project was split between writer and performer, increasing my understanding of how when the two work together the performance becomes authentic. This project taught me invaluable skills regarding audience care and vision. In a creative space the audience felt safe to release their inhibitions and ignite their imaginations. A luxury in today’s society. We felt the need to move beyond a classical play, in order to match audience agency. This performance broke 7 years of ticket sales at professional theatre Stage@Leeds, proving that an audience wants the opportunity to be collaborative. It is now my mission to identify more opportunities in which this is possible. This project taught me about how important it is to work towards creativity. In such a faced paced industry, I aim to look up and around notice what society is asking for and answer this dynamically. Whilst initially I thought art transgressed societal movements, I have realised that it is infact a response. A response that people latch onto in order to make sense of the madness. However I now aim to take this madness and make it even more chaotic.

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    The University of Leeds