ONLINE WORKSHOP / Learn in lockdown

  • Sarah Hyndman

Painting with fonts workshops with Sarah Hyndman Live online Zoom creative sessions so you can have fun learning in lockdown and meeting people around the world. Have fun getting creative and learn about fonts. You’ll take part in quick sketching exercises and discover the shapes that make each type style unique. You’ll develop your own drawing style and enjoy the creative process without the pressure of creating a perfect or finished piece of work. Whatever your level, from the curious newcomer to the experienced designer, these workshops will supercharge your love of letterforms. These online sessions are based on the hugely popular activities from the in-person workshops Sarah Hyndman has been running since 2013, along with the successful creative workshops she’s been running on Zoom. Ideal for all, no experience needed. Sunday 8th November Urban letter safari Learn about and draw fonts as you discover how their shapes originate with the sign writer’s paintbrush. Sunday 15th November Fantastical chocolate Learn about the writing on chocolate wrappers and design your own fantastical chocolate letters. Sunday 22nd November Sonic letters Listen and draw as you discover how sound can inspire an alphabet and create your own sonic alphabet. Sunday 29th November Geometric shapes Learn about the experimental typefaces of the Bauhaus and create your own letters out of geometric shapes. Sunday 6th December Smelling fonts Discover how you read with all of your senses and create your own smelly letters inspired by samples you smell in the workshop. Sunday 13th December Shadow letters Use light to cast alphabet-shadows and create dramatic letters that star in their own theatrical performance. 1-hour sessions, 7pm to 8pm (GMT) There's an option for a small group to join me in the virtual Ampersand Arms afterward for a chat, limited numbers only! Price per person £8 / £5* 4-week subscription £28, 6-week subscription £42 These workshops are designed for adults, older children are welcome to join in if they have an adult with them to help, each child's ticket is £5. *those financially impacted by Covid-19 Numbers are capped for each session so book early to avoid disappointment. CAMERA ON. You’re encouraged to have your camera on because these are live and interactive Zoom sessions with fun activities and conversations. They’re created to feel like we’re all in the same room together. But don’t worry, if you feel uncomfortable having your camera on or have internet issues you’re still very welcome to join the session with your camera off. Feedback for live creative Zoom workshops with Sarah Hyndman “It was fab! Definitely recommend ����” @Thecreativeapes “Brilliant format—loved the Spotify playlist too” Dr Geraldine Marshall “Sarah is a fantastic tutor, gives historical context and encourages us to think beyond letterforms into social and aesthetic implications. Can’t recommend it enough” Mina Bach “Great class, super informative” Jenna “It’s great to be able to take part in these live Zoom events, to chat in real time with Sarah and the other participants, sharing work, listening to music and learning so much about fonts and type!” Kat Gaska “Thanks Sarah for your infectious enthusiasm and fun approach to teaching.” Gabby Hoad “Fantastic hearing stories about the fonts and experimenting with some techniques” Paul @NE_ArtTeacher “After every class I’m buzzing with enthusiasm and lots of new ideas!” “I enjoyed your workshop so much that I've signed up to another” Em Nagy “Super fun session full of interesting facts and tasks to do from the comfort of your own home! Will definitely be signing up to more in the future!” Livvy Goulding

Painting by Mina Bach
Alphabet by Nikin Furia
Cutout letters by Paul @NE_ArtTeacher