My biggest project that I have been working on with a few other people has been the devleopment of "Ossia" a promotion company from Manchester that has been putting on nights and events for the past two years in Manchester and most recently moving over to Leeds to host our first two nights.
I am invoved with many different aspects of the company:
Booking artists through agencies, Liaising and negotiating with artists, agents and venues during promotional campaigns, Producing promotional content including mail outs, website content, ticketing, interviews and competitions, Working closely with the creative team to produce promotional artwork, Control of all social media networks and listing sites. Managing and maintaining budgets, Arranging logistics including travel and accommodation for artists and producing itineraries and Overseeing contracts, invoices, ticketing and general administration.
Still in its primary stages the company has been organically growing building a core following with some big shows planned in 2018.


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