Oxfam Volunteer Campaign

  • Rosie Stevens

A new volunteering recruitment campaign for Oxfam, who are looking for members of the community to join their shop teams. The creative focuses on your local Oxfam shop as a happy and welcoming place, at the heart of the community. A home from home where you’ll meet like-minded people and make a real difference, both for your community and for people around the world.

The visual style was influenced by murals, sign writing and traditional shop design. Art deco style motifs were mixed with bold type and bright colours, to create a visual style which was both modern and nostalgic in feel.
Volunteers were put at the very heart of the campaign. Quotes from current shop volunteers were elevated and led the majority of materials from social media to in-store assets.

Copywriting: Claire Baylis
Design: Rosie Stevens
Creative Direction: Alya Al-Khatib and Janine Roberts
Client: Zara Canfield