PAGE Issue #2 [Print]

  • CASSELL A. Ferere

Fashion and sustainability are intrinsic partners. Yet, it is hard for many to lead an environmentally conscious lifestyle. That’s where we come in. PAGE has established itself as a cultural disruptor. We bring the nostalgia of print back into the fantasy of fashion, the sustainable way. On our path to publishing, leading sustainable brands have committed to us. Challenged by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen firsthand how important it is to make sustainability and ethics a daily part of life. As we continue to produce content daily, our bi-annual print will feature exclusive articles and content limited or removed entirely from our online platform. With your help, the enthusiasts of fashion done the sustainable way, we bring you a collectible piece of culture -- PAGE Print. Reverie: PAGE magazine provides readers with insight into the DNA of the fashion world. It makes fashion easy to digest, approachable and aims to foster an attitude of inspiration and consciousness based on a fresh understanding of fashion and the joys of self-expression. “Page magazine will be the first truly sustainable fashion magazine. Our print issues will be made to order. But most importantly, we want to provide insight into fashion that is palatable for any fashion enthusiast who wants a grounded outlook on fashion. We intend to humanize fashion while informing and enlightening our readers.” — EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, CASSELL A. FERERE Oreder issue #2 here: