Painting Exploration of Colour and Mark

  • Hannah Kempe

These colour blasted works form part of my private practice which has been ongoing for the last 4/5 years. The paintings take a fun, whimsical approach to the emotive world around me. Many of these works have been made and exhibited in group shows and on a commission basis. They are inspired by the natural world, Senses through colour and the narrative of mark making.

Orange Skies
Embossing & various colour applicants 2018

Orange Skies is mixed media - more than one medium has been used, including handprinted embossing, paper collage, ink , pencil and found objects. This commision was loosly based off the summer sunsets in South Africa. The rich use of orange envokes new winds and life. The vibrant pops of colour simulate the new budding in the natural world and mirrors the vibrat street life.
Purple in Waves
Watercolour, Pen & Gouache 2020
Jumping Blackholes
Watercolour & Gouache 2019
Green Seas
Acrylic & Pen 2018

Fluid Dynamics
Watercolour, Pen & Gouache 2019