Paradise Lost No.1

  • Piotr Karpinski
About a lost childhood. About the time which passed and cant be retrieved.
The key detail on a first picture of a triptych is a fly on a boy’s finger. Fly might be read as a symbol of mortality. Paradise Lost No.1 is a project about the time which has passed and can’t be retrieved, time which is gone forever. It is about a lost childhood. Project is inspired by the character of the boy from The Mirror, movie by Andrei Tarkovsky. My focus when watching a movie was drawn into the character of a boy representing memories of a childhood. This project is a fiction revisiting my own childhood and comes out of nostalgia over what is gone and lost forever. I shoot pictures about Life, Death and Time. Observing time’s consequences fascinates me. I am drawn by notions of “never”, “forever” and “always”.