Passive Aggressive Fonts: Typographic colouring book for adults

  • Sarah Hyndman

Colour your fonting frustrations away.

Vent your vexations colouring a confrontation of snarky fonts. Exorcise your exasperations as you creativity the heck out of an antagonism of tetchy typefaces. Scribble your way through a clamour of passive aggressive phrases. Including those classic fonts you love to hate.

•    Carthatically stress relieving •    Passive aggressive phrases •    All fonts are named •    Suitable for all skill levels •    The perfect humorous gift for the graphic designer who has everything

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These are cheap and fun print-on-demand books designed to be enjoyed, scribbled on and used. The pages have black on the back of them to prevent ink leak. Buying these fun books helps to support me as I research and write my next big book.