Pathways of light

  • Shivani Mathur

One evening, as I walked down my street, overcome with a feeling of hopelessness - everything in my world had cracked I happened to pass by a heap of rubbish where someone had discarded eggshells. I stopped and stared at it. Unknown to me at that time, this was the moment, 'Pathways of light' was conceived. It is made with decaying materials: waste eggshell and broken mirror sheets This year in June, 'Pathways of light' hung at Granary square won the highly commended 'Maison zero, this earth' award for sustainability by LVMH. When I created it, I did not try to repair cracks in the broken materials. I began to study non linear patterns in mathematics and in art and using heat/vacuum, I accentuated cracks and changed the topology of the mirror till the light entered cracks, bounced off the distorted mirror. It began to look like a shrine.The cracks were no longer fault lines- they became pathways for light to enter, symbolic of topple old paradigms and bring in fresh ideas hope and optimism. As a viewer approaches the shrine, it lights up and a sound begins to play. Inside the shrine sits a woman called Humpty Dumpty version 2.0. recomposed from decaying eggshells - By recomposing, Humpty Dumpty has been 'put back again' into a new avatar - an icon of regeneration, sustainability and optimism that order emerges from decay and crisis. This installation is a call to action - can cracks make us see the invisible, feel the intangible and touch the impossible . Tomorrows history is Todays vision.


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