Pattern Design

  • Ibrahim Fatih Satilmis

In this project I did for my master's degree, I tried to discover the quality of a second-hand product selected as per the brief. The product I have chosen is pocket-size snuffbox, which was used in the 18th and 19th centuries. The details surface the box attracted my attention rather than the purpose of use.

Decided to create a pattern by being affected by the engravings on the outer surface of the product I chose.
I wanted to place flowers inside the pattern I prepared. In this way, I have been more detailed.
After I finished the flower designs, I placed the flowers inside the geometric pattern I designed first. Since my purpose of use was different, I arranged the geometric pattern in two different ways. Therefore, I used a background colour, both white and black. In this way, I got other points of view, understanding the colours and seeing the pattern.