• Amber Jessica Lee Brown
This work is about PEC Furniture, a fabric and upholstery company which was passed down generations in my hometown. It is situated on an industrial estate, in Amble, a coastal fishing port in Northumberland. When discussing the craft of textiles, I always return to this place with fond memories of going after school for materials to do crafts. Home is a recurring theme in my work, in a melancholic manner but one with silver linings forever. 
The project was shot on Ilford Delta 400 B+W – a T grain film on a Hasselblad 500cm medium format camera, giving the works deep detail and extensive tonal range of the fabrics. The analogue negatives were then scanned and printed on fibre gloss paper. I then collected and dyed leftover leather from one of PEC’s auto-trim projects and used this as a cover after hand-binding the book to become a documentary diary of the local business’s progress.