Penguin book cover inspired design

This was a design from college in which I had to design a book cover for a movie/book of my choice. The cover had to use the same design style has Penguin English Library.
I went with "The Fault in our stars" because knowing the movie and book I knew there was alot of word play and metaphors which I could use to get ideas for designs and elements to use on the cover.
The first design I made for the cover was inspired by the most famous line from the book
"Okay, Okay" in the movie we seen a text bubble on screen to show that it was said by text message by both charaters.
So I designed a modren phone in Illustrator and also a text bubble like the one used in the movie with the text with in it saying "Okay"
The design of the grenade was thought up from a line said by the main charater. "I'm like a grenade, At some point i'm going to power" this line also is a highlighted moment in the story. I looked up images online of grenades to find a shape that I liked then used the image as a reference to make the design in Illustrator.
The last design is a cigarette, I used this becasue one of the charaters uses a cigarette as a metaphor which is said early in the movie, I liked that it would be a simple design to do but still fit good into the shape of the cover.
With the dots on the cover this is something that is from the main covers that is used alot so I picked to keep it and use them to add stars. On some of the dots I have used the shape to create a star which I think adds a extra detail to the cover over all.
The darker font colour is a midnight blue which fits into the name of the book along with the other colours they are all tones of the sky.

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