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The CBD cream contains a moderate amount of CBD and not a high-strength dose. It makes sense, since it is a skin-care product. However, some brands offer stronger potency formulas for those who need more targeted relief. The cream has received glowing reviews from more than one customer. The cream is also loaded with Terpenes which could give it additional benefits.

➢Product Name      — Penguin CBD Gummies

➢ Composition      — Natural OrganicCompound 

➢ Side-Effects     — NA 

➢Rating :—⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

➢ Availability     — Online 

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Overview: Penguin CBD The Company: Penguin CBD

The company has a cute logo and a great name. It also honors military personnel, active and retired. It offers a 25% discount to all U.S. military personnel.
Penguin CBD is also committed to eco-consciousness and sources sustainably grown hemp.
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Organic and Sustainable Product Sourcing

The company is committed to sustainability and sources hemp from Oregon farmers who practice organic and sustainable farming methods. The crops are free from GMOs, pesticides and herbicides.
The hemp is harvested and taken to a laboratory to undergo CO2 extraction. This is a safe and gentle extraction process that preserves and removes valuable compounds such as CBD and terpenes. Penguin CBD tests the products after they are developed.
Each product is subject to its own testing. The ones we have reviewed prove that CBD products from the company are free of heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial contamination.

Penguin CBD Product Line

Penguin CBD is a relatively new company but still has the most sought-after product categories. As they grow, we expect that their offerings will expand and diversify.
There are many options for CBD oil.
You can choose from different strengths and flavours. It also sells body cream, CBD capsules, and CBD gummyworms.

Penguin CBD Reviews

During our Penguin CBD review, we took note of feedback and customer reviews. Here's what we found.
Overall, 90% or more of all reviews were 5-stars in each category. Customers reported having positive experiences with the products, saying that they were able to relax, get uninterrupted sleep, reduce anxiety, relieve symptoms related to anxiety, clear their minds, and reduce pain.
These reviews had a lot of detailed and lengthy commentary. These reviews felt real and believable, which is not always the case with CBD product reviews.

Penguin CBD Pros & Cons


  • Shipping is free to the U.S.

  • Oregon hemp grown without GMOs

  • Third-party laboratory testing

  • Educational blog content

  • 30-day 'no questions asked' return policy


  • There are no high-potency options for capsules or gummies

  • Limited product variety

Penguin CBD: All About the Company

Penguin CBD was founded by the team in the autumn of 2019. The team behind Penguin CBD came from many backgrounds and industries. They all believe in the inherent ability of hemp to restore balance and promote well being.
Because of their symbolic significance, the company's logo and name are based on the penguins. The founders believe that penguins are calm and can waddle on, and that everyone deserves a chance to feel relaxed. This is their mission statement.
This hip brand, based in NYC is making a big impression and has a loyal following. People who are concerned about sustainable sourcing products that contain minimal or natural ingredients.
The company also has a blog that provides great information about CBD laws in your area and other educational topics related to cannabidiol.

Penguin CBD Product Summary

Mint, Citrus and Natural Strawberry. Cookies + Cream
Sweet and Sour Gummy Worms
Peppermint + Lavender Blend
Flavorless Gel Capsules
Total CBD
250-1000 mg
300 mg
250 mg
300 mg
Total Volume
30 mL
30 gummies
118 mL
30 capsules
CBD Potency (mg/mL).
8.3 - 33.3 mg/mL
10 mg/gummy
2.12 mg/mL
10 mg/capsule
Price Range
$45 - $105
Price per mg CBD
$0.11 - $0.18
Method of CBD Extraction
CO2 Extraction
CO2 Extraction
CO2 Extraction
CO2 Extraction

Penguin CBD Products

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil: 5 Flavor Options

Penguin CBD oil has five flavors. The company used natural flavors for the citrus, strawberry, and mint blends. However, artificial flavoring was used to make cookies & cream. The fifth option is "natural" and retains the earthy CBD taste.
These blends contain MCT oil as a carrier oil. They are available in three different potencies: low, medium, or high.
Third-party lab tests confirm that the oils contain broad-spectrum CBD. They also have CBN, CBC and CBG levels. These compounds are said to have an "entourage effect", which increases CBD's effectiveness.

CBD Gummy Worms

One CBD gummy is available. It's fun, sweet, sour and worm-shaped. CBD isolate is the only component of the CBD hemp plant that is used to make this CBD hemp extract.
The CBD is isolated from other cannabinoids and terpenes as well as flavonoids and other plant molecules. This results in a mild, if any, hemp taste. These CBD gummies are also free of THC and may be more appealing to people.
Each product contains 10mg CBD. This is considered a low dosage. Penguin CBD is a great product. Despite the high price, many customers love it. This product contains gelatin so it is not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

Skincare: Broad-Spectrum CBD Cream

Penguin's CBD Cream has a peppermint and lavender blend scent. It is made with broad-spectrum CBD Oil. The cream is thick so a small amount can be used. This cool product is great for skin care and can be used to moisturize small or large areas.
The CBD cream contains a moderate amount of CBD and not a high-strength dose. It makes sense, since it is a skin-care product. However, some brands offer stronger potency formulas for those who need more targeted relief. The cream has received glowing reviews from more than one customer. The cream is also loaded with Terpenes which could give it additional benefits.

Portable and Discreet CBD capsules

The Penguin CBD Caps are low-dose potency and great for CBD beginners. These capsules contain coconut-derived MCT oil, gelatin and hemp oil. There is no THC in this broad-spectrum hemp product. Capsules can be carried around easily, are discreet, and work well with active lifestyles.

Penguin CBD Review: A Transparent, Eco-Conscious CBD Brand

Penguin CBD, a relatively young company is making positive strides in the CBD community. The products are loved by customers. Penguin CBD is transparent, offers big discounts to military personnel, and prioritizes sustainability.
Our Penguin CBD review found that the products are a good choice for CBD beginners due to their low potencies and carefully selected ingredients.
Better Business Bureau Rating
Lab Testing
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Information provided is only for informational purposes. We cannot claim to cure or treat any condition or health problem. Before you try any new product, please consult your doctor. We cannot be held responsible for any adverse reactions you might have to any products on this website. Please refer to our Medical Disclaimer .

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