Personal Manga Project: Children of Aether (Shinzui no Shison)

  • Christabel Elulade

I thought I would share some of the concept art for a storyline that I am working on. It's still bare bones in terms of worldbuilding and plot but it's a Shounen-esque storyline (I really like Shounen anime so it seemed like the best way to go). In the fourth picture, the names of the main characters are from left to right: Anna (Annaisha), Rosa, Venus, Az (Aziza) and Krystal. If I weren't so busy and distracted these days I would really concentrate on this project but for now, I will continue to work on it as and when I'm able to. Better to take things slow than rush them, but I am really excited at the prospect of people reading my own manga. I would appreciate any feedback on the character designs so far. :)