Piz Buin - Get it On

  • Tom Simmons

We helped #PizBuin launch their ‘Get it On’ campaign to educate consumers on how to practise safer sun. WYS communications created hundreds of assets across paid social, YouTube, Amazon media & OOH for the Johnson & Johnson owned-brand Piz Buin - including an amazing OOH installation in Southwark, that highlighted the importance of practising safer sun, and the consequences if you don’t. Research showed most users applied sun cream incorrectly, not frequently enough and were using too little. Johnson & Johnson aims to eradicate this with the Get it On campaign, devising a 2-2-2’ application guideline that educates users how to practise safer sun in an impactful way. That’s two tablespoons applied two times before going out and every two hours after. The OOH ad changed from day to night and was designed to demonstrate the damage the sun can cause to unprotected skin. The billboard used UV lighting to expose areas where protection was not applied, changing the primary ‘Get it On’ strapline to ‘Should’ve Got it On’ and revealing a Southwark-personalised sunburnt message. As always, great to work with the Johnson & Johnson team and to be involved with Piz Buin’s first major ATL campaign in more than five years.