• Stefano Esposito

This is the most project I’ve worked on and it’s also called playtime but it is detactched from the supplement magazine. This is a collection of fashion films, making them into short films, all around the idea of reclaiming childhood. Inspired by the inner-child, I wanted these fashion films to allow the models to reclaim their childhood, and make the dremas/aspirations they wanted as kids to come true. Because without your past, you wouldn’t be who you are now. For this project, I filmed and edited 4 different fashion films all based on the main models wish on what they wanted to reclaim. These ranged from more serious topics, like reclaiming tenderness & softness, to more light-hearted and fun responses, like reclaiming joy & optimism from childhood. I have edited a teaser trailer and the final fashion film. This project I’m overall super proud of and I feel like has best represented who I am as a creative.