Post Bed Post

  • Felicity Morris

Redefining the relationship with the bed, since the infiltration of work, screens, human exchange and non-stop access emphasises that this object has become a multi-purpose site in the age of the millennial. The relationship with this archetype has evolved to question will we ever be alone in bed with ourselves again living in this #postbed society? Prior to this project, Generation X have long dictated the conversation surrounding the bed. Now, Generation Y finds their voice. This snowflake’s perspective challenges our current notion of the bed through cultural phenomena and observations to speculate the future of the bed and the digital information that enters the private space of the domestic sphere. Through the use of digital media this project aims to make an intimate domestic object a site for public broadcast for the millennial generation. The anthological installation makes use of broadcasting, film montage, spoken word and mattress orientation assembled into a scenographic language that excludes Generation Y from the conversation they so often dictate.