Postcards from the edge.

In this time of global crisis, staying safe at home and staying sane is a balancing act of sorts; in protecting our physical health, we may be compromising our emotional and mental wellbeing as a result of this collective solitary, monotonous and restricted existence. Many of us have, in some warped way, been given the gift of time – something that we have undoubtedly desired at some point in our lives – but now we have it, do we want it? With this additional time comes a vast emptiness; a void in our lives that must be filled. But filled with what? As our emotions have been rising our outlets have been falling, leaving us unsure of how to appropriately express our growing feelings of uncertainty, angst, fear, lethargy, and tedium. Badlands 777 presents a collection of self-portraits and journal excerpts to mark this unprecedented period of time. An outlet through which personal experiences are shared and the uniqueness of those experiences can potentially be felt by others. Featuring Jesse Jo Stark, Leaf, Dana Trippe, Charlotte Ruderford, Erika Kamano, Alba Yruela, Dana Boulos, Chloe Sheppard, Sarah Feingold, Sarah Naqvi.


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    Badlands 777

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