POTATO - The possibilities of time and things Overthere

  • Danielle Morgan

A self-help science fiction novel but PF Flumpton AKA Danielle Morgan published by DopplerEffect. The planet Overthere has discovered Earth. Earth has no idea where the peace-loving Overthere is, which makes picking a fight with it tricky. Several years on, Earth is fully ensconced in its inferiority complex, speculation of imminent attack is rife. And here's our aimless Polly, obliviously bumbling along, only to be rudely interrupted one night by a knock on the door and a visit from a friendly-looking 'alien' who gives her a code to unlock her life, the universe and anything she wants. Starting with nothing, absolute zero, a pigeon, creativity and playing in the invisible worlds of philosophy, psychology, dreams and faith, how does one create the life they want? What would it be like to live forever? And did your cousin Vince really get abducted all those years ago and returned as a fish finger?