Prison Drawings

  • Julien de Preux

The PanpanCucul Prison Drawings exhibition is a lockdown diary illustrated in the form of 54 large framed 50 x 70 cm original drawings, crafted with gray pencil, graffiti felt and gouache, every evening from March 20th, to May 11th, 2020 during the Covid-19 crisis in Geneva. This project was born a few days after the start of the first confinement, when one evening, a black and fuzzy emotion needed to arise on a sheet in a spontaneous and honest way. The next day, a new state of mind came, and so on, for 54 evenings. A way of expressing uncertainties, doubts but also, change and hope for a different society. These drawings are a unique trace of a person’s feelings, which perhaps will resonate with some of you, for an amused memory of this so special, rich, sad, joyful, sometimes soothing, sometimes distressing period, which is already a part of us forever.

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