During this time of isolation Germaine Walker Photographic & Digital Content Agency (among others) have collaborated with Zebedee Model Management to bring together image makers and models to create unique & beautiful portraits. Both agencies are deep-rooted within the commercial advertising world and both have been affected by the pandemic, emotionally, commercially, financially and personally. It is this shared experience which drove the creation and curation of this project. Zebedee are fast becoming one of the world’s most respected modelling agencies, solely representing people with disabilities, alternative appearances and trans & non binary models. Germaine Walker, set up to nurture and support image makers, has been encouraging a relationship between their commercial clients & Zebedee for some years now. In the hope to allow for a more balanced representation of everyone and anyone in the campaigns they are commissioned with. This pre-existing relationship between Zebedee’s & Germaine Walker meant both were only too keen to collaborate on this personal journey of intimate portraits of isolation; bringing their talent together, virtually.

“As a portrait photographer being unable to physically meet up with other people has been really tricky. I had been experimenting with ways to keep shooting portraits via video conferencing so when I heard about this project it was the perfect fit. It was great to be able to spend a little time with Alfie & his family, focussing on the things we can do rather than the things we can’t.” - David Vintiner
Alfie by David Vintiner
“Even from an early age I felt isolated- separate and not connected to other people- through their lack of empathy, understanding or even worse, pity. Being ‘locked away’ just reinforces this... It takes us back to the time where people with disabilities were institutionalised and hidden from view. This project removed the barrier –it connected us through the lens and hopefully helped photographers and creatives out there to understand our worth, our resilience, our strength and our beauty.” - Alfie W
Ellie by David Vintiner
“Let’s show the community how strong and brave we are together! I can get through this, I get through life everyday!” - Ellie
Karen by David Vintiner
"Shooting via zoom is a tricky process, as the photographer you have to relinquish a lot of control and try and get a sense of the space your shooting in. After working with Karen for 10 minutes or so I wasn’t really getting the shots I was after and decided to move her position in the room, as she moved around her space suddenly a flash of bright direct sunlight fell across her face and everything started to come together." - David Vintiner
Xueli by Hannah Maule-ffinch
“People are all experiencing my loneliness bubble now” - Xueli
Bailie by Charlie Clift
“It was fascinating to hear how Bailie has been dancing all the way through lockdown, it made me smile to think of all the brilliant things people are still doing even though they are restricted.” - Charlie Clift
Jake by Charlie Clift
“I really enjoyed shooting this project. It was challenging to photograph in a totally new way, but I’m always up for trying something new. I found that the restrictions from shooting remotely spurred creativity in me. I couldn’t use fancy lighting or complicated production, so I chose to simply concentrate on what was happening in the frame - to play with concepts and ideas and to be fully open to collaboration. Jake and his Dad got really involved in the shoot - they turned a bedroom into a wonderful white studio space, all monotone. This looked fantastic and really gave us space to experiment in.” - Charlie Clift
Brinston by Charlie Clift
“Being on lockdown makes you realise how valuable this life is and how easy we can loose everything. I hope we all stay safe and together anything is possible.” - Brinston
Caprice-Kwai by Charlie Clift
“I think what stayed with me was Caprice’s comment that to her, being in isolation wasn’t at all different to her every day life living with a disability. Caprice’s mum held the phone camera as I directed via Zoom. Having to briefly rely on someone else’s help to move the camera made me acutely aware of my privilege as an able-bodied person.” -Emli Bendixen
Izzi by David Wren
“It was great fun shooting with David and gave me a sense of normality in very abnormal times!! It allowed me to do something totally different to my lockdown routine so far and being able to chat together from one household to another and share our experiences was just as important as taking some awesome photographs. It’s also been great to be part of something that can bring people together while we are isolating and feeling alone. “ - Izzi
Freya by David Wren
“This is Freya. Her striking appearance is caused by alopecia, a condition that has left Freya without hair on her head, eyelashes or eyebrows since late 2017. This may have been caused by stress and she lost all of her hair within 4 weeks. Alopecia aside, she's much like any other 13 year old girl, finding her own style, skateboarding, playing guitar, reading books and looking after her pet gecko. Collectively, this project is a fascinating insight into daily life for a wide variety of people, a great test of creativity for all photographers involved and I'm honoured to be part of it.” - David Wren
“Though I suppose that is not something that I am unique in. So far, this has been an interesting experience in that I now understand the importance of interaction with other people.” -Freya