Project Lockdown 2020-2021

  • Caroline Larrain

Making your PJs your latest fashion statement, having a multipurpose living space, forgetting the day of the week, feeling how months collapse into fleeting memories. Experiencing the monotony of days that go past, working from home, home schooling, getting used to 'the new normal'. Going stir crazy, not finding enough time, having too much time, watching flowers dry, fighting to keep your motivations up. Objects getting 'misplaced', tableware chipping, plates pilling up, housekeeping choirs becoming overwhelming, new landscapes of household life. Project Lockdown 2020-2021 is my latest photographic endeavour. It explores different imaginaries linked to quarantine and the recent experiences of 'indoor live' during the Corona Virus Pandemic. The photos of the project focus on the traces we have left while adapting to the pandemic. The main goal of 'The Photo Lockdown Project 2020-2021' is to generate an intimate visual archive of the first global epidemic of the 21st century. Photos will be for sale after completion of shooting and exhibition.

All photos © Carolina Larrain Pulido