Quick fire questions with Megan from Wonderful You

  • Nicolle Knapová
Recently, I did a little Q&A with the lovely Megan from Wonderful You. If you aren’t following her already, what are you doing with your life? She is an absolute sweetheart. You can find her Instagram here and her blog here. She also has a lovely podcast called Listen Louder which you can listen to on Spotify as well as on Apple podcasts.
What is your go to dinner meal?
I absolutely love Jamie’s (her fiancé) vegetable miso ramen!
What kind of music have you been listening to lately?
I’ve actually been really enjoying listening to my discover weekly playlist on Spotify and discovering new artists. Soccer Mommy is great.
If you could have a talk show who are the first three people dead or alive you would have?
Ooh! I always struggle with this question. I’d love to have a chat with Stephen Fry, Audrey Hepburn and Tove Jansson.
What’s on your travel list post corona?
Honestly, I haven’t given it a thought. The thought of things going back to normal makes me feel quite anxious. But anywhere with the people I love would be wonderful!
Can you imagine getting another corgi?
I can (for my sins!) but four dogs is a LOT.
Both of us are big fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas. Which song is your most favourite one?
Oogie Boogie’s song without a doubt!!