R4PG's musing around the announced reflect change

I ought to oncoming of by saying, clearly we do not have all the details currently available so final judgement is going to be left when ever 3.1 goes live.

Let us set this musing up a little, inside a recent baeclast ziggyD and raizQt where musing on reflect a little. Following a bit ziggyD wound up around the following ->

"Reflect is really an outdated auto technician, why is not going glass-canon an chance cost, you realize, the mobs really threatening you!"

Beginning of from there, to be sure together with his sentiment. To be obvious, for me personally reflect can be taken offOrchanged as lengthy as obscene damage output still includes chance cost. However, if we have seen the job interview with Rory and the announcement from the "new reflect" it's glaringly apparent it doesn't accomplish this, whatsoever.

Actually, it achieves the alternative from the original preferred design objective of reflect. It positively punishes slow builds by slowing them lower many behaves irrelevant for top speed/dps builds.

Rory's add-onto this problem then comes

"but later on we'll add more types of reflect"

Now here seems a problem i've with this particular change and the statement. Old players can be really much conscious that Grinding Gear Games history of "returning to changes to enhance upon them" is poor, very poor.

Several things remain unaddressed 4 years and counting. Other activities obtain a little tweak and therefore are then put back on the highway for an additional 4 years.

This leads to each issue and 2 a conditioning issue community side.

Each issue

If what Rory states holds true, then why exactly will they introduce/replace reflect with the kind of reflect that's not capable of capping dps/speed builds while presenting an application that positively punishes less strong builds.

Why don't you change it with a kind of reflect that positively punishes the alternative spectrum inside a more creative way(original design space of reflect hanging around)

Example : Let us make a mob that's invulnerable for several seconds whenever you encounter it or it gets to be a "hit", absorbs all of the damage for the reason that window of your time After which transmits out an unpredictable path of exile orb towards the player if this dies that deals a % from the absorbed quantity of damage.

1) you are able to experiment it (quantity of damage worked within the 3 seconds window)

2) the volatile path of exile orb could be outplayed (though i'd allow it to be faster in chasing therefore it differentiates from volatile itself)

Two a conditioning from the community issue

If that which you take i'm saying as truth, only then do we can deduce by Grinding Gear Games track record, the "new types of reflect" are possibly within the works best for 4.1.

Which means that for any very prolonged time players will become accustomed to "dps free reign" this will make presenting new forms that counter them very hard later on and can cause lots of frustration at that time over time.(staying away from discomfort to get it in a later time kind of factor using their perspective)

So essentially my conclusion is the new reflect form is worse then what we should presently have, because it will positively condition the city to become very poor, which is harmful to future mechanics brought to counter them given that they will not be countered for any prolonged time.

I additionally think it is poor taste that reflect is substituted with a mod that punishes builds that already have a problem when compared to builds reflect is built to counter.

Some musings, i have to have missed some stuff however i think it is ironic that Grinding Gear Games states "we'll introduce other kinds of reflect later on case the firstInch while releasing something which does not occupy the look space of reflect whatsoever.

But instead might be considered a completely new mod to Path of Exile taking on another design space.



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