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"ENGINE Creative has come together with photographer Rankin, production house TAG and media agency Wavemaker to create the 'See through the symptoms' campaign to raise awareness of the signs of lung cancer that are often missed. The goal is to improve the outlook for patients by promoting earlier diagnosis of the disease.

Aimed at medical professionals, the dramatic pictures tell the stories of nine lung cancer patients, all of whom were diagnosed too late to be cured. Holding their own x-rays in front of their chests, each person's name, age, symptoms and diagnosis are listed.

The campaign aims to save lives by raising awareness of lung cancer symptoms and addressing the stigma surrounding the disease by highlighting that anyone, young or old, can get lung cancer regardless of smoking history.

The campaign features nine patients – four men and five women, eight never-smokers and an occasional smoker, who were all diagnosed with stage IIIb or IV lung cancer. They range in age from 28 to 65 and each has a powerful story to tell. For all of them, diagnosis took many months and repeated visits to their doctor." - 'See Through The Symptoms' Press Release

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