Re-branding 'Help for Heroes'

This is an university project for Ravensbourne University. My course, Web Media, is working on this project collaboratively with students from Digital Photography. My group was given the charity Help for Heroes. We have to analyse them and try to improve the way they reach out to people. My role in the group is the Social Media Creator.
These are the social media campaigns ideas that I've had about the charity. These might be ideas that could potentially help their social media accounts to grow up:
  • Type of contest where if you post a pic or video helping someone else you will have a chance of winning a piece of clothes from Help For Heroes Shop or getting a gift card from a big company like Amazon.
  • An emotional video that shows the reality of being an injured soldier. Interview with a soldier that is getting helped from the charity will be ideal.
  • #OnceAHeroAlwaysHero. That could be the official hashtag of the charity and also the slogan of it.
  • Come up with new merchandising that can be given away in contests.
  • To film or share the experience about helping people in the streets because at least once in our lives we all have been heroes at some point, for example when we helped a friend who was going through really tough stuff . Use the #EveryoneIsAHero when sharing.
  • #MyFavouriteHero. To upload a pic or a video explaining who's your favourite hero in your life, someone close to you like your mum or dad, what they've done in your life to be your favourite heroes. People who do this will have a chance to win something from the charity (shop, tickets for an event, etc)
  • To share a day experience of "being injured", the person will choose one part of their body and they won't be able to use it for one day just so they can feel how an injured soldier feels. This could start as a challenge, people will have to challenge at least 5 friends otherwise they will have to pay back somehow.

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Kevin Díaz

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Kevin Díaz
Digital Content Creator