• Yemi Davis

A metaphorical exploration of the non-linear stages of healing a ‘fallen’ state. From dwelling in a pandemonium, to the inception of hope and the restoration of strength to rebuild, and ultimately finding sanguinity in a seemingly hopeless place.

In the beginning, darkness seized light and remained fixed in continuum, quelling suns of truths within our souls.

Opaque winds swallowing hope whole & retching gloomy dawns cloaked in turmoil . We remained forever suspended in black holding on to sullied clouds.
Time, the cavalry. Carrying in her mouth ardent flames of rapture to warm our nests gravid by incessant glacial nights. Promising a renewed peace to gleam in vales shadowed by death. Horrors of hell abate in her palms, as hope brightens paradise-lost.
We remember no glory in the dark, breath bouncing against the grain. Feet pulled from miry clay planted on rocks.eyes pried & tucked away from dusk as we drift forth trusting all will settle beneath us. As ordained by Time, we erupt towers of new light.
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