Roxie, 2020

  • Elizabeth Mackay

A Recent Illustration of close friend and activist Roxie Mohebbi

My friend Roxie Mohebbi is an actress, a nurse and arrived in New Zealand as an Iranian refugee.
Life is complicated for refugees in NZ, despite being seen as a liberal and welcoming country for all races. It can be a racist place. An already uncomfortable transition can be made even more uncomfortable, even unbearable by ignorance, bullying, discrimination, jokes about terrorism and much worse.
Rox is not just a survivor, she will fight tooth and nail for justice and what she believes is right. She has saved multiple lives (though will downplay this like its as easy as making toast). Despite living through trauma and discrimination, both in Iran and New Zealand, she still opens her heart to every person she meets, she holds welcoming space for you. She is a raw and real human being, a sister, a lioness and a heroine. And you would be hard pressed to find anyone that has met her who would disagree.