School of Art, Architecture & Design, London Metropolitan University, Visual Communication: BA Graphic Design, BA Illustration & Animation

  • Filippo Mantino
  • Ruiyun Jiang
  • clara delgado
  • James Iredale
  • Shannon Johnston Howes
  • Sabrina Paris
Visual Communication at London Met has a respect for craft, for making and for the heritage of the tools we use to create; but it also has a future-facing ideology using digital technologies to create work of integrity, value and agency. Students are encouraged to experiment, to think and and work in collaborative ways, take risks, explore their place in the world as designers and to shape the future of our creative industries. Our course has amazing industry links, students undertake work placements and graduate as confident, creative and articulate practitioners. The university prides itself on a diverse student body and has won accolades for best social inclusion among English universities.
Michael Brown, Axis typeface design and type specimen book
Charlie Jefferson, Mixcloud project, mobile app prototype design
Clara Delgado, Emmanuel Vasquez, Sabrina Paris, Anthology book design
Sara Green, work in progress, photography workshop, photo by Steve Blunt
Eleanor Beaumont, Super Space hoarding design project graphics
Students participating in printmaking workshop, photo by Steve Blunt
Lucja Wolowska, The Searching comic
Kyle Sims, Mixcloud project brief, digital app prototypes
Type design workshop with Arianna Tilche, photo by Steve Blunt
Emilie Zea Henricksen, Super Space project, hoarding design
Gemma Ageraniotis, The Worry Monster, illustrated book
Filippo Mantino, CD cover design, photography and art direction
Collaborative student letterpress project
Suenera Rahman, Finding Stories illustration project
Amber O'Reilly, illustration for Super Space hoarding design project