Scratch That Itch: Riposte, with Tahmina Begum

  • Mark de Lange
  • Tahmina Begum
  • Kiki Grammatopoulos
  • Ross Ferguson
  • Danielle Pender

We partnered with Riposte - A Smart Magazine for Women - to get under the skin of three fascinating UK-based women who are boldy and unashamedly living their lives as the people they want to be.

We unravel the layers of Joey Yu, Emma Low and Tahima Begum to explore how their upbringing, heritage and careers have helped to shape the people they are today, plus how they express their multi-dimensional personalities through their experimental style choices.

Photography: Rosie Matheson

Tahmina Begum, Editor-in-Chief of XXY Magazine & HuffPost UK Reporter

You know when people say their childhood made them who they are today? I feel as though mine did exactly that. I come from a household where education is taken super seriously. I also learnt not to complain so much—seeing my parents graft so hard and show me that my reality is very lucky, made me quick to realise that actually I have it super good and it’s my job to shine a light on those that do not.

Tahmina wears Patti Titanium in Satin Silver
Tahmina wears Frances in Vanilla Haze

My parents are from Bangladesh and I have a huge extensive family. The one thing I am so grateful for is how much of the history and education of the places I come from was instilled in me.

Tahmina wears Donna in Marmalade

My style is very important to expressing who I am. It’s everything! It always has been! I am a huge believer that you should dress for whatever you’re feeling. I’m so sick of people scared of dressing and being “too much” or “too little”.

Tahmina wears David in Lime

I need writing to express thoughts. When I don’t write or creatively express myself, I feel like there’s old laundry to do in the back of my head.

My tone is completely different across all publications. When it comes to writing I don’t want to be a one trick pony, I live on being dynamic and then going back and learning about how to make new skills strengths.

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