Screen Shot Issue 04

Screen Shot Issue 04 is here, and this time it reflects Screen Shot's recent transformation into a fully functioning media company for a new generation of readers. ​ Nothing is not for sale is all about the rise of industries you never imagined could exist, and nothing is off limits. Think clean air, your broken heart and your behaviour at home. In this issue we bring you the highest trending articles published on Screen Shot online in the last 6 months alongside brand new commissioned articles on climate change, the future of living, and interviews with Andres Colmenares, Co-Founder of Internet Age Media and Hera Hussain, Founder of Chayn. With newly commissioned images by Francesco Coia, Issue 04 brings you brand new images from Tais Sirote, Jasmine Engel-Malone, Jacob Schlather, Julia SH, Tatiana Minelli and Caroliuna Casasnovas.