“Self-portrait” is a collection of 97 quotations, chosen by me , from the Bible (new Testament). Why the Bible ? The reason is very simple. I am Christian , and the Bible was for me, the best available source of collected truths, moral examples and “humanity template”. I have tried to collect only the most universal quotations. The reason of “Self-portrait” is observed by me vanishing of values, that for my parents and grandparents were standard. This project is on one hand a manifesto, against stupidity and vanity, and on the other hand an appeal to people who try to maintain a moral system which is based on positive emotions and moral Code. “Self-portrait” is a private journey to self discovery and discovery of ones reason in a rapid and full of temptation 21st century; where beauty and wisdom are becoming only appearances. Also where more “new novelty” and the crave for them to make every day problems fade as well as being replaced with greed and jealousy. “Spirituality has become an all-purpose description of what people feel to be missing from their lives rather than of what they hope to discover.” “Self-portrait” is just a small provocation for the potential audience. Provocation to stop, and think about who and how we are in nowadays. “Self-portrait” takes the form of a “mirror of truth”, which is a possibility to take a breath, and to think and question each other: Am I real? Am I really myself in the reality of the new millennium? Some may ask if it is necessary to do so. In my opinion it is crucial to “re-define” our existence in times of consumerism. “We live in a society where common ideals and political resolve have been largely replaced by shared meanings revolving around brand names and advertising images”
To sum things up, this publication is a small stone in your shoe, that gives you blisters when you run late to your job, school, uni. It is a provocation for ones conscience to re-define ones behaviour towards himself and others around. A reminder of what is truly important in the 21st century, that is lead by pop culture, mass media and media manipulation, and is a kingdom of appearances.

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Szymon Kaleta

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