Sherlock Interactive Campaign

Red Bee developed an interactive trailer for Sherlock series 3.


The BBC's popular drama Sherlock has been off our screens for two years and our brief was to generate buzz and excitement for the returning series amongst over 10 million Sherlock fans.


Using wireWAX technology, we created an interactive trailer with clickable hotspots embedded throughout. These seamlessly link through to new pieces of video footage and exclusive content, giving fans a tantalizing tease of the storylines coming up in series 3.

A hotspot requiring a code to unlock it was hidden in the trailer revealing exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and writers.

We created an on-air trailer to point to the interactive trailer on and it was also posted on the BBC One Facebook and Twitter pages.


In the first hour after the trailer launched there were more than 300 views per second, with nearly 500,000 views recorded within 48 hours and nearly 1 million clicks on tags. Average interactions per active viewer exceeded 4.5. The trailer is 60 seconds long but total average time spent in the experience so far is 5 minutes 19 seconds.