Shred Your CV

  • Christopher Sharpe
We’ve been doing this for a while.
29 years to be specific.
And the biggest thing we’ve learned?
It's not who you know,
or where you come from.
It’s who you are that counts.

So if you’re brave enough to do the right thing.
Tenacious enough to strive for the extraordinary.
And assured enough to not only be yourself
- but empower everyone else to do the same.
Then you’re a Jones Knowles Ritchie person
- and we’ve got a job for you.

A job where you get to work with visionary clients
and some of the most talented creatives in the world.

A job where you get to learn the ropes.
Get your hands dirty.
And inspire, sell and
- when the time strikes -
fight for great creative work.

Want it?
Shred your CV and tell us your story.
Show us your love for great brands
& game-changing creativity by whatever means necessary.
And if you get noticed. You might just get chosen.
Good luck.

The Nuts and Bolts:
The Role?
Account Executive
Two jobs up for grabs.
One in London, the other in New York.
The Brief? Tell us...
Why you? And why us?
Whatever shows you off best.
It could be a video. A riddle. A smoke signal.
Even a good-old pen & paper letter.

Send your not-a-cv to

By 11th September 2019.