• Shivii Jay Mistry

SIVUU®|[FOUNDER SHIVI MISTRY©] is a streetwear lifestyle brand based in North West London. The founder’s vision was to create a clothing line where every piece is unique with its designs, alongside inspiring peers to create anything they want to create using their own vision. Being involved within the fashion culture, SIVUU provides an iconic range of designs which creates a unique, creative and most importantly an inspirational streetwear lifestyle aiming to merge the youth together. Our mission is blocking anything negative and using it to elevate you to success. Our motto is ‘VISION OF WINNING’

‘’The brand name [SIVUU®] was my childhood name growing up. I based my brand off my childhood name as it represents who I am.
SIVUU® is my way of expressing myself through the creation of clothing and design. I've always loved combining outfits together and having my own one on one fashion shows in my bedroom mirror.
All my life experiences are merged within the brands designs which has the intention to allow my supporters to believe that anything is able to be achieved with the right mindset and any negativity can be used to elevate them to success.  As a whole, my vision was to share my creativities with the world and allow creativity to take over the world.
We are all creators with different abilities, let’s invade the world with our talents.
I invite you to join the movement and develop your own VISION OF WINNING. Together we can level up to greatness!’ - Shivi Mistry [SIVUU®]